Cristina from Romania Dancing in Athens, Greece

Cristina from Romania Dancing in Athens, Greece

Monastiraki, Athens, Greece


Describe your city in 6 words:

Athens is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever lived in. I love everything about this city, the people, the weather, the food , its closeness to the sea(really important for me😅) and of course the dance comunity here is just awesome.


 Cristina at Ikaria Island, Greece


Greece is famous for its:

As we all know Greece is famous for many things but I think the most important to mention are the amazing islands and beaches and of course for the best coffee 🤍😍


I chose to come here because:

I choose to move to Athens because I love so many things here, except for the things mentioned above,I have so many friends (even from before moving) and after being here for almost 8 months already, I can definitely say, I just love the life here every day more 🤍 How the Greeks say 'It was meant to be' ήταν γραφτό 🤍 Yes, I am also learning the language.


 Cristina in Athens Bothanical Gardens


Describe your dance journey in this city:

I am really happy about my dance journey in this city, the salsa comunity here is really big and I met many amazing dancers . I will also restart my classes soon so if you come to Athens I will be waiting for you🤍💪


 Cristina dancing at Paleo Faliro, a beach in Athens


My favourite food here:

Favourite Greek food, hmm difficult to pick all are really yummy but I think it's definitely pasticio and musaka.


Living here I learned the following about myself:

I am still learning many things about myself every day but I think the most important is to believe in yourself and how you want your life to be and always make the necessary changes for the better even if it means taking risks.


Cristina in Arachova, Greece, about 2 hours driving from Athens, for the A Gozar Salsa Festival


My favourite touristic attraction here is:

My favourite tourist attraction in Athens is the Acropolis, I always enjoy a walk around it 🤍


Cristina at The Acropolis in Athens, Greece


Undiscovered gem in this city:

One of the best hidden gems in Athens is Lycabettus Hill, one of the tallest points of the city. If you have the chance, you should definitely go see the amazing view of the city from there .


Lycabettus Hill in Athens, Greece


Hit song of the moment in this country:
One of the songs heard everywhere in Greece this summer is this one, you can not, not love it : 

Dim Angelo & Alex Mihalakis - Sunset In Aegean (ft. Christos Papadopoulos)


My favorite spot to dance in this city:

My favourite place to dance in the city is definitely SalsaDoo Dance School, a place where people are like a family and where  besides learning and working hard, we always share many laughs and good moments. Come visit anytime ✌️


You should come dance in this city too because:
You should definitely come dance anytime in Athens, people are really kind and welcoming and you will definitely have a great time plus you'll never forget the amazing dances you shared 💪


Cristina Guseila teaches salsa now at SalsaDoo Dance School next to salsa legends Myrto & Panagiotis. To see when Cristina is teaching and more salsa and bachata classes, check SalsaDoo Instagram for the up to date classes schedule. Follow Cristina on Instagram to see her content full of dancing and traveling.


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