Traveling Dancer is about...

Traveling Dancer is a community for you, me, and everybody that loves to travel and dance. It’s one big party and everybody is invited. Wether you’re a beginner or have been dancing for ages, Traveling Dancer is there for you. Wether you love to go social dancing every night or you’re born for the stage, we are all connected through our love for dancing. Let’s celebrate that, inspire, learn from each other and make real connections. We are one family that everybody is part of.

As dancers with our traveling lifestyle, we get to know so many new cultures, learn about each other and see a whole different side of the world. We meet new people everyday, and are able to talk with each other not even through words but by dance. We are one big community that is connected through our passion for dance. 
As dancers we can ask a lot of our bodies and our mental health. For Traveling Dancer it's important to keep our dancing family healthy and cherished. Wether it's about feeling confident and safe on the party dance floor, a dancing injury that you keep ignoring or an issue that you don't dare to communicate during your dance classes, we got your back. At Traveling Dancer we don't only want to connect the world, we also want you to connect with your inner self, because this is the most important connection that you need in order to have a happy and healthy lifestyle.


´´Connecting the world through dance´´. For us, connecting means exchanging energy in any kind of way. Especially in the dancing community, people all around the world connect through dancing, through traveling, through exchanging knowledge. And the most fun thing is, it does not matter who you are or where you´re from. We connect and energize each other.

At Traveling Dancer, we see you. Whether you´re not a dancer yet, a beginner or a pro, we all connect the world through dance. 

We can all agree that the moments we dance, we feel free, in our bodies and in our minds. We can be who we wanna be, how we wanna be, with no limitations. Thanks to dancing we can really live in the moment, forget the worries of the day and connect with our dance partners without having to speak a word. When we travel we have the freedom to meet new people in a super easy way thanks to the language that we all share: dance. 

Dance also gives us the power to push ourselves, bring our bodies and minds to new levels and this way reminds us that everything that we dream of, is possible. If we work hard (and smart!) you can bring your biggest desires to reality. 

Because let’s be honest, who doesn’t dream to travel the world and dance?
Anne started dancing as a teenager. As a shy girl, who never said anything in class, dancing gave her the feeling of freedom, confidence and safety in her body to dare to take chances and control over her life. At age 21 she moved to New York, USA, to pursue her dream of becoming a professional salsa dancer. Thanks to this trip she met so many beautiful people, learned so much about herself that the dream of Traveling Dancer was created.