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Welcome to the Traveling Dancer family! We would love to share with you our view and message to the world, how we work to make it better and how we help people to become their best and authentic self through dance and travel.

Celebrating how Dance Connects the World

Dancers connect the world by traveling all over the world to pursue their passion, wether this is to take classes and learn, enjoy socials and parties or perform and competing on stage.

Thanks to dancing real life connections are created through different cultures without even having to speak the same language. How beautiful is that?

In today's digital age, where much of our interaction occurs through the internet, dancing serves as a vital reminder to disconnect from our devices, rise from our seats, and engage in genuine human connections, fostering meaningful experiences with others.

Teaching how Movement and Dance Improves your Health on So Many Levels

Thanks to dancing, we can skip the gym and avoid lifting weights without purpose. Through dance, we can move our bodies and express ourselves creatively, without even realising we're working out and getting fit all at the same time!

Also for our mental health dancing makes a change: In a world plagued by worsening mental health, movement emerges as a powerful antidote. Studies consistently show that physical activity reignites our excitement for life. Dance seamlessly integrates physical fitness with personal expression and creativity, invigorating us to embrace our best selves.

Wether you're all about shining on stage, social dancing till the early mornings or taking classes to improve your technique: Through movement we will feel confident, strong, feel good about ourselves, and excited about life again.

Bring More Attention and Love to the Inside of Ourselves

Life is not only about traveling around the globe, but also about the inner journey that we're all on at a personal level. We all have our insecurities, traumas and personal issues that we struggle with, that we don't dare to show to the world.

But if we're all struggling with this, why don't we talk more about it? Why don't we open up about it more? By showing each other more vulnerability, we will also create more meaningful and deeper relationships.

In dance, a lot of focus is on how we look from the outside, because of performing, our dance technique, showing off, etc. Today our social media is full of superficial dance videos, while people mostly start to dance as a form of personal expression, seeking solace or healing within its rhythms.

It's time to shift the spotlight inward, to give more attention to our inner selves, rather than solely fixating on outward appearances.

Traveling and Discovering different Cultures all over the World

Discovering the world and immersing oneself in new cultures through travel is an enriching experience that nobody can ever take away from you. From the bustling streets of Marrakech to the serene temples of Kyoto: Each destination offers a unique blend of history, traditions, and landscapes waiting to be explored!

Through traveling we are able to witness the beauty of cultural diversity firsthand. Through interactions with locals, we gain insight into different ways of life, challenging their perceptions and expanding their understanding of the world.

Dance offers a passport to adventure and exploration, as we travel to congresses and socials around the world. From the shores of Spain to the mountains of Colombia, these events serve as melting pots of culture and creativity, where dancers can learn new moves, exchange ideas, and revel in the joy of dance.

Becoming and Living as your Authentic and Best Self

It may sound cliché, yet it's undeniably true: we only have one life to live. So why is it that we often overlook this profound reality? Why do we find ourselves blindly following the herd, conforming to societal expectations like sheep, when each of us holds the power to chart our own unique path?

Instead of settling for the safety of conformity, we possess the ability to pursue our deepest passions and uncover our personal dreams. Why opt for a high-paying job that lacks fulfillment when we have the capacity to pursue careers that align with our true passions and values?

Life is a journey of self-discovery and personal growth. Becoming your authentic self means being true to yourself, regardless of external pressures or the need for approval from others. It requires the courage to live in alignment with one's beliefs and desires, even if it means stepping outside of comfort zones and go left where most people to right.

We believe we can all create our dream life with the right tools to live by, like reflecting on your lifestyle and actions, understanding yourself and understanding that anything you dream of is possible ♥️

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