Because by dancing and traveling, we connect the world

Based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands since 2021, Traveling Dancer is about:

  • Traveling the World 🌎 - Getting to know new people, make deeper connections, learn about new cultures and learn from each other. Discovering hidden dance & travel gems all over the globe.

  • Traveling Within ❤️ - We are all on our personal inner journey, reflecting, learning about ourselves, struggling and enjoying life, to become the best versions of ourselves.
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Want to try the shoes in real life?

Want to see the shoes in real life and try on different sizes and heel heights? Now you can!

Choose a day and time that works for you, so you can come to the Traveling Dancer Office in the heart ❤️ of Amsterdam and try out the different sizes to be sure which one is perfect for you!

When you have found your perfect size, you can take the shoes home right away, or we will create an order for you and within 2 days your brand new shoes will arrive at your doorstep!

We are looking forward to see you here!

The musthave accessories to match your dance experiences

We don't just want to give you the best dance shoes out there, but really complete your dance experiences with our musthave accessories. Plus show off that you're an official member of the Traveling Dancer family!