Valery from Colombia Dancing Salsa in Helsinki, Finland

Valery from Colombia Dancing Salsa in Helsinki, Finland

Written by: Anne Elise Wouters



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Helsinki's Market Square, Helsinki, Finland

Describe your country in 6 words:


Safety, freedom, respect, intelligence, discipline and passion.



This country is famous for:


It is known for being the land of a thousand lakes and the home of Santa Claus, as well as for its beautiful northern lights.

The northern lights in Ylläsjarvi, a small village in the Finnish Lapland


We came here because:


This place chose us! Me and my partner Mateo were asked by Helsinki Salsa Academy to come here and teach salsa. We decided to take this chance because this is a happy and peaceful country, you can go anywhere here and always feel safe. We have been here 2 times now, both for 2 months.


Valery and Mateo in the snow in ...

My favourite dish here:


Lohikeitto: this is a traditional Finnish dish of soup with salmon fillets, boiled potatoes, carrots and leeks.


Living here I learned the following about myself:


Here I have learned to be calmer, live day by day and enjoy every moment as if it were my last. If it were my last days, I would be happy here.


Valery and Mateo at Uspenski Cathedral, Helsinki

My favourite thing to do here is:


Walking downtown, going to saunas and living this typical Finnish experience.


Valery and Mateo at Helsinki Cathedral, Finland.


Hit song of the moment in this country:


This year's Finland song for Eurovisión Song Contest is a big hit here right now, called Cha Cha Cha.


Käärijä - Cha Cha Cha (Eurovision Finland song)

You should come dance in this country too because:


You have to come to dance here because Helsinki Salsa Academy is a great salsa school here, the people are very kind, disciplined and with a lot of passion. They have a lot of talent in Finland and I am happy to be here and teach all my knowledge.

Valery and Mateo at near Helsinki Trainstation



Valery has been multiple times with her partner Mateo at Helsinki Salsa Academy to teach salsa for a couple of weeks. Check out the Helsinki Salsa Academy website for the up to date classes schedule. Follow Valery and Valery & Mateo on Instagram to see her content full of dancing and traveling.