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Grip 'n Care Heel Protectors

Grip 'n Care Heel Protectors

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Loved by many: The Grip 'n Care Heel Protectors. Thanks to these specially TD designed caps, you will be able to enjoy your shoes for a longer period of time ánd feel more grip while dancing at parties or classes.

Change them up every once in a while to make sure the top of your TD shoes stay clean and undamaged, so you can have many more dances in them.


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Want to Feel More Grip on the Dancefloor?

Unfortunately not all party dancefloors are as comfortable to dance on as we wish and not all days we feel in balance to shine like a star while social dancing.

Do you notice you often feel unbalanced while social dancing or you want to feel more cocmfortable and confident in your shoes?

Heel protectors can be a great solution for this: You will notice youf feel more grip and connection with the floor and therefor feel more stable, to do the styling and power that you desire in your dancing.

You receive the heel protectors in super cute mini TD bag that you can reuse for whatever you wish.