Molly from Sweden Dancing Salsa in New York, USA

Molly from Sweden Dancing Salsa in New York, USA

Manhattan skyline and Brooklyn Bridge, NYC

Describe your city in 6 words: 

Lively, fast, stressful, fun, energetic, impressive.

This city is famous for its:


 Molly at a rooftop in Queens, with Manhattan skyline view, New York City.

I chose this location because of:

Dance! because of the salsa scene being in my opinion the best in the world.

Molly performing at Yamuleé Studio in New York City.

Describe your dance journey in this city:

Going from hardcore hustle dancing and working more than my body almost could take, pushing it to the limit. Gradually after going through the struggle, levelling up and building a life here all around dance working with it full time now.

My favourite food here:

New York soft pretzels. 

Molly in a restaurant in West Village, New York City.


Living here I learned the following about myself:

If you work hard for it and just don’t stop or doubt yourself you can get it… If you can make it here you can make it anywhere.


Molly with her visiting mom at a Midtown rooftop bar with Empire State Building in the background.

My favourite touristic attraction here is:

Central Park.

Molly in Central Park, New York City.

Undiscovered gem in this city:

Riverbank state park in West Harlem.

Molly in Riverbank State Park in West Harlem, New York City.


Hit song of the moment in this city:

Nickie Minaj & Ice Spice - Barbie World is a big hit here now, not my Jam but a cool remix of course.

Nickie Minaj & Ice Spice - Barbie World (feat Aqua)

You should come dance in this city too because:

It’s the best salsa on2 dancing in the world!

Molly on Times Square, New York City

Your favorite spot(s) to dance in this city:

Yamulee ALWAYS AND FOREVER THE BEST! For everything, classes, socials etc. Salsamania and Candela Fridays. Alex Maestro’s events are always dope. Lastly BIG New York Salsa Festival is a fire festival!

Now Molly is excelling in her solo career as a freelance dancer, performing her salsa solo at various events nationwide. She has also joined a partnership with the legendary Vittico La Magia, a pioneer in the New York salsa scene, teaching and performing together. Follow Molly on Instagram to see her content full of dancing and traveling.

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