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The Notebook

The Notebook

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The perfect notebook to always carry around. Named to every woman's favourite movie ;) The Notebook makes sure you can write down your ideas, thoughts and feelings any time of the day.

Also perfect to write or draw ideas for dance classes, choreos or excersizes. Especially when you're traveling, you're full of inspiration. Make sure they don't get lost when you get back home, by writing them down in the moment.


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Clear your Head Thanks to Writing

Feeling overwelmed? We feel you!

It is a crazy world we live in these days: we are all stressed out, experience a close-to burn out or have so many things to do that we don't know where to start.

We all have so many thoughts and feelings in our daily lives. Writing is great to write things off of you, get a clear head and feel less anxious and calm during the days.

It has been shown in different researches, that writing activities causes a number of intellectual, physiological, and emotional benefits. These benefits include improve memory function, decreased symptomatology, and greater feelings of happiness.